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Leung Sheung Tong


Every Tuesday 5-7 pm, from Sifu , Patrus wai
Or Sunday morning when Sifu Kenneth Chung is in Hong Kong


Chinese Traditional Martial Art – Hung Kuen (Mak Che Kong)

About Chinese Traditional Martial Art – Hung Kuen

This Association was established by some masters, brothers and disciples of Hung Gar who wanted to promote the traditional Chinese martial arts. The head of the Association is Mr. Mak Che Kong, a former Hung Gar disciple and


Lam Chun Chung International Hung Kuen Association

About Lam Ka Hung Kung
Hung Kuen is one of major branches Chinese Kung Fu created in the 17th Century in the Southern Shaolin Temple by Hung Hei Gwan. Made famous by Grandmaster Wong Fei Hung whose life has been made famous by hundreds of movies


Zhenjiang Sun-style Wushu Institution

As time goes by, « Sun-style Wushu » got forgotten by the audience. In order to promo the great master pieces, Mr. HUO Peilin had created « Zhenjiang Sun-style Wushu Institution ».
Since 1984, Mr. HUO Peilin had studied « Sun-style Wushu » from Master SUN Lutang’s daughter, Sun Jianyun. Mr. HUO had been widely considered as the person who carry on « Sun-style Wushu », as the third generation.